About Me

My name is Chris Budd and I am a fourth year student at the University of Guelph majoring in crop science. I have grown up experiencing many aspects of agriculture but have found my passion to be about the crops we grow to feed the world. When I’m not at school I am back at the family farm which is now an agritourism business educating the public and bridging the gap between urban and rural life.

Through my years at the University of Guelph, I have been exposed to various areas within crop sciences which has driven me to more opportunities and to become a well rounded individual in the Canadian crop producing industry. By working in the agricultural industry as a summer intern, I have developed many new skills in both research, presentation and teamwork. To add to that I have just come back to Ontario from an internship in Alberta, the Texas of Canada, where I learnt a lot more about how diverse Canadian agriculture is and cannot wait to share my experiences with you.

‘Growing Crops Eh?’ is about how farmers are growing food throughout Canada. If you thought growing food meant just putting seeds in the ground, that Canada wide crops are all grown the same way, or that there was no future for youth to grow crops, then you will be very surprised.


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